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'We Clean For You' - materials used

'We Clean For You' use cleaning materials supplied by Quadrelene Limited of Bateman Street, Derby. Quadrelene are committed to providing brilliant cleaning and hygiene solutions, and are distributors of industrial cleaning chemicals, automotive valeting products and janitorial supplies.

We use the following materials:

Bright Wipe - A multi purpose cleaner containing fruit acid to dissolve and inhibit scale. Bright Wipe disperses grease films, sanitises and has a fresh, clean odour. Bright Wipe is suitable for the regular maintenance cleaning of all hard surfaces in wash rooms and similar areas. It contains no abrasives so avoids problems with rinsing or undue wear. Surfaces are left clean and shiny.

Toilet Fresh - A powerful low pH cleaner, free from mineral acids. It rapidly removes scale and stains from ceramic and stainless steel sanitary wear. Toilet fresh clings to vertical surfaces, giving an effective contact time for complete cleaning and rinses away easily with water, leaving a fresh, clean smell.

Ready Fresh Lemon - An easy to use air freshener, cleaner and sanitiser. This product has a pleasant fresh fragrance and can be used by spray or wipe methods.

Glass Bright - An advanced, solvent based cleaner for the rapid spray on, wipe off cleaning of all glass surfaces, windows, mirrors and windscreens. Glass Bright incorporates a highly effective surfactant in a solvent solution and is silcone free.

Blue Clean - An advanced cleaning preparation, suitable for cleaning a wide variety of washable surfaces, such as plastics, paint finishes, ceramics and metals.

Deep Shine - A high quality product for use on any waterproof surface that would normally require cleaning and polishing. Gives an excellent shine to finishes such as wood, Formica, tiles, vinyl, plastics, paintwork and metals. Free from chlorofluorocarbons, which may harm the ozone layer.

Spray Safe - A ready to use bactericidal product that cleans and sanitises in a single operation. It is odourless, non-tainting and requires no rinsing. Spray Safe is ideal for all water resistant hard surfaces in food preparation areas, dining rooms, wash rooms and other areas where an effective microbiocidal action is required.

Detergent Degreaser - A concentrated, non-caustic, low odour cleaning and degreasing agent for hard surfaces. Removes dirt, oil, grease, wax, ink, fat, atmospheric films and smoke stains. Ideal for use on tiles, concrete, stainless steel, plastics and composites.

Chloros - An industrial sodium hypochlorite solution for general cleaning and disinfection. .

We have product data sheets for all the materials we use and we would be happy to show them to customers on request.

For more information on Quadrelene, visit their website at www.quadrelene.co.uk or telephone them on 01332 292500.

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