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'We Clean For You' - Who Are We?

'We Clean For You' was formed by Alan Rowley and Tracey Morgan in 2007. The original idea to start a business came from Tracey in an off the cuff remark in a text message. What started as a bit of a joke developed into 'We Clean For You'.

Originally, we looked at franchising and discovered several in the domestic cleaning market. After weeks of research, and a bit of prompting from friends, we quickly realised that we could do this our way, and at a much lower initial outlay.

All we needed was to be offered redundancy from our existing company, which was undergoing a cost cutting exercise. Alan was offered redundancy in March, and Tracey decided now was the time for a career change. She accepted a redundancy offer from the company and We Clean For You was born.

Tracey Morgan (Company Owner)

Tracey MorganHaving been a working mother for fifteen years and bringing up four children, I appreciate how difficult it can be for others in my position to fit everything in. I became fed up with juggling the housework around my full time job, so I started to employ cleaners.

One by one they came and went, as they were never up to my standards.

I had a brainwave! Redundancy was in the pipeline, and after a lot of consideration and research, I left the company, joined a business course and set up 'We Clean For You' with Alan. I had this idea that we could give our customers more than just a cleaning service because personal attention makes all the difference.

I am positive we can deliver what every working person wishes for - a cleaner that actually works to a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. That's all I ever wanted from a cleaner, now I get the chance to provide others with the service that I never got myself.


Following Alan's retirement in 2008, Tracey is now the sole owner of the company.

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